Shigally Hill International Academy Admission Open For Sessions 2023-24

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Admission Open for sessions 2023-24

Shigally Hill International Academy: Providing Quality Education for Global Citizens

Shigally Hill International Academy is a leading co-educational boarding school situated in the picturesque town of Dehradun in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. Founded in 2003, the school offers a comprehensive education from kindergarten to Grade 12, with a focus on holistic development, academic excellence, and the cultivation of global citizenship.

The school’s mission is to provide an enriching and stimulating learning environment that nurtures the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of every student and prepares them for success in an increasingly interconnected world. With its state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced faculty, and diverse student body from over 20 countries, Shigally Hill International Academy is a premier destination for families seeking a world-class education for their children.

Academic Program

At Shigally Hill International Academy, the academic program is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a love of learning in every student. The curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, which is renowned for its rigor and relevance in preparing students for higher education and beyond. The school offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Grades K-5, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for Grades 6-10, and the Diploma Programme (DP) for Grades 11-12.

In addition to the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign languages, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of elective courses and extracurricular activities, including music, art, drama, sports, robotics, and community service. The school also places a strong emphasis on developing students’ digital literacy, research skills, and global awareness through its integrated technology program and international exchange programs.

Boarding Life

As a residential school, Shigally Hill International Academy offers a unique opportunity for students to live and learn in a supportive and inclusive community. The school provides comfortable and spacious dormitories for girls, with a dedicated houseparent and assistant houseparent who offer round-the-clock supervision and guidance.

17th Annual Day – Shigally Hill International Academy

The boarding experience at Shigally Hill International Academy is designed to promote independence, responsibility, and cultural understanding. Students learn to manage their time, resources, and relationships, and develop lifelong friendships with peers from different backgrounds and perspectives. The school’s vibrant and diverse community is enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities, social events, and cultural celebrations, which foster a sense of belonging and mutual respect.


Shigally Hill International Academy boasts a modern and well-equipped campus that provides students with a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for learning and growth. The school features spacious classrooms, laboratories, libraries, art studios, music rooms, and sports facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a gymnasium. The campus also includes a dining hall that serves nutritious and delicious meals, a medical center staffed by qualified nurses and doctors, and a round-the-clock security system to ensure the safety of all students.


Admission to Shigally Hill International Academy is highly competitive, and the school seeks to admit students who demonstrate academic potential, character, and a commitment to learning and service. Prospective students are required to submit an application form, academic transcripts, test scores, and personal essays, and may be invited for an interview or assessment. The school also offers financial aid and scholarships to deserving students based on need and merit.

Session 2023-24


Registration & Admission Fees: – Rs 45,000/- (To be paid only once)

*5000/- Registration Fees

*40000/- Admission Charges

BOARDERS: Indian StudentsClass 1st To 4thClass 5th To 8thClass 9th And 10th
ParticularsAmount in INRAmount in INRAmount in INR
School Annual Boarding & Tuition Fees3,30,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)3,60,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)4,00,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)
Joining Kit Charges30,00040,00040,000
BOARDERS: Indian StudentsClass XI & XII – HumanitiesClass XI & XII – CommerceClass XI & XII – Science
ParticularsAmount in INRAmount in INRAmount in INR
School Annual Boarding & Tuition Fees4,30,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)4,30,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)4,40,000 (to be paid in 3 installments)
Joining Kit Charges50,00050,00050,000

Parents are requested to pay the school feed by crossed demand draft in the name of “Shigally Hill International Academy” payable at Dehradun or direct deposit/NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI to the school account number, which is mentioned below:


Bank Account Number: 41528491186

IFSC Code : SBIN0010631

PAN card No. : AADTS8163P



(1) School Fee (Tuition Fee & boarding Fee):

This fee is non-refundable and is deposited along with the Registration Form

(2) Registration & Admission Fee

Annual school fees, funds for Exams (Weekly Tests, Monthly Tests, Terminal tests, boarding, Lodging facilities). Library, laboratories, Internet facility, Computer Training & Practice. Additional Coaching Fee & Books, Exercise Note Books & Stationary, as per the requirement.

(3) Imprest Money

  • Imprest Money of Rs 20,000/- Half yearly Advance against expenses, viz. uniform, books/ stationery/ medical expenses, checkups, specialist out-of-school treatment is charged extra as per the actual cost, art & craft material/ fine-art material/ school publications, performing arts/ photography and other clubs/ other hobbies, school photographs/ drives/ media material, extra coaching, Special learning classes, counseling, workshops/ seminars, book fairs, tennis, extra/ out of school sports, mid-term/ other outings/ picnics, postage, telephone, Xeroxing, Information Technology (IT), school functions, birthday, farewell/ House parties, mattresses, bedcovers, toiletries, dry-cleaning, beautician, extra diet, pocket money/ tuck shop, late fee, escorted homeward/ school ward journey, etc. are adjusted against Imprest Deposit. Academic or other activities outside the regular curriculum and any other expenses not mentioned above are also adjusted.
  • Classes held during the winter holidays for Board examinees are compulsory and will be charged extra, even if a child is unable to attend. Board Examination expenses will be charged extra.

(4) Joining Kit Charges

This is non-refundable and covers school uniforms and stationery items (onetime) provided by the school at the time of joining.

Fee Rules

  • Registration and admission fees are non-refundable; it is a one-time fee for new students.
  • One-term fees will be charged once a student is admitted to the hostel during 1st term (non-refundable). If a student is withdrawn during the second term, whole-year fees are to be paid by the parents.
  • School fees for Classes 1st and 12th for the whole year can be paid in 03 Special medicines, special diet, books and stationery, sports gear and shoe repairs, toilet requisites, etc. separate charges from the Imprest account.
  • No reduction in fees is made on account of a student returning late to School or for broken A fine of 1000 Rs. per Week will be levied on accounts not cleared on time.
  • Once payment is not realized, the name will be struck off the rolls, and the readmission fee will be charged.
  • The Fee amounts are subject to revision, as advised by the School and Management, from time to time.
  • Parents are requested to pay the Fee before the due date. Payment after the due date shall entail a fine of 2% per month on the amount of arrears. Non-payment of dues and fine within 3 months from the due date shall entail a further fine of 4% per month and may lead to the child’s name being struck off the Rolls of the School. The decision of the Principal will be final in such cases.
  • The Fee amounts are subject to revision, as advised by the School and Management, from time to time.

Withdrawal Policy

  • If the student joins the school and is withdrawn within a month or a period of six months of the start of the academic year, six months fee shall be charged/fortified in favor of the school.
  • School leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount(s) in favor of the school.
  • The school must be informed in advance at least three months before the withdrawal of the student.

Fee Installment Details

Classes1st Installment (March)2nd Installment (July)3rd Installment (December)Total
I – IV1,60,0001,20,0001,20,0004,00,000
V- VIII1,80,0001,30,0001,30,0004,40,000
IX – X2,00,0001,40,0001,40,0004,80,000


95%- 100%5%

Sports/Extra Curricular activities performances

International Level Winner or Participants10%
National Level winner5%

For wards of Army Personnel/ Single Parent/ Siblings (2nd child)

Scholarship offered on ANNUAL BOARDING & TUITION FEE ONLY 10%