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Teachers At Shigally


Teachers At Shigally

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning”

– Brad Henry

The Shigally teacher is a highly qualified professional educator who assumes responsibility and accountability for his or her performance and continually strives to develop competence. It is understood that teachers need complex and sophisticated skills for successful teaching. The school administration invests in the training process, firmly rooted in the belief that skillful teachers are made, not born, they have learned the skills they use.

Shigally has teachers who stand before the students and handle them with different personalities, attitudes, and nationalities, keeping them united amidst their differences. It sure is a big challenge for a Shigally teacher to make their students learn the scholastic and pre-scholastic skills and be a part of their life to mold them into good and responsible citizens in society, by inculcating moral values in them, a teacher at Shigally is like an architect who molds in students self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and encourages social skills by empathizing with others, these are the key elements of Emotional Intelligence.

A Shigally teacher is thinking, feeling person, who strives to grow and add to his/her knowledge and skills. Embracing new technology and emerging trends of the 21st century, the school has fully integrated Google classroom in its learning pedagogy. This openness and reaching out is the key element of the professionalism of Shigally teachers and has brought many accolades to the school.


Outstanding Results

We are  glad  to  inform  that  our  school  result is 100 %